"An energetic & magnetic entertainer"

Marcus Gullen is a magnetic and energetic entertainer who strives to connect with the crowd; encouraging them to use his music to create memories. His influences include Dave Matthews Band, Kenny Logins, Chicago, and Hall & Oats. This makes his sounds flex across several genres enticing many listeners.

His current album Peace'd Together reflects his far reaching musical ability. the album's sound can be tied together, or stand on their own individually. He uses his knowledge of music and sound to knit together an organic listener experience. For instance, he uses authentic vs digital reverb.

"I see the world in music. My father was a driving force for my music, and it goes back several generations. I was 13 when he passed away. Being so affected by it; I gave up music for a few years. Eventually I began to play again, and every time I did I would feel close to him. I write music to create a shared experience and bring people together."

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